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He always knew that he was destined to be an entrepreneur… Despite his young age, Kevin opted into every business opportunity he could find whether that was selling baseball cards or candy bars!


Kevin David may be a serial Entrepreneur, author, YouTuber, eCommerce specialist and coach. He uses his skills and years of experience to show people everywhere the planet , the way to create financial momentum while performing from home. Kevin may be a self-made Entrepreneur who is an expert find the simplest and innovative ways to form money online.

kevin david masterclass has been an entrepreneur since the age of 14. He grew up within the suburbs of Eugene, Oregon playing soccer. His passion for the game taught him valuable lessons about competition, hard work, and therefore the art of winning.

He always knew that he was destined to be an entrepreneur… Despite his young age, Kevin opted into every business opportunity he could find whether that was selling baseball cards or candy bars!

Years later, Kevin began traveling and creating gaming apps website blogs learning the way to monetize using the Amazon Affiliate Program and Google Ad Sense. He had some success, but nothing would compare to what was to return .
After graduating Summa worthy from Oregon State Honors College, kevin david review began his career working as an Accountant for PriceWaterhouseCoopers, an firm in Portland, Oregon.

Although a seemingly prestigious position with nearly 500 applicants for less than one consulting position, Kevin quickly realized that working 80 hour weeks for somebody else wasn't the life he was meant to measure .

Kevin transitioned careers and commenced working as a Privacy Consultant at Facebook in Menlo Park, California. Kevin, like many others, had always dreamed of performing at Facebook; they're known for having a number of the foremost generous employee perks within the world, Including on-site doctors free food!

While this job was a big improvement to his prior career, Kevin again knew that he wasn't destined to figure for anyone else, no matter the extravagant perks.

It was at this point Kevin began to meaningfully explore online sources of income and the way he could free himself to travel the planet and live life on his own terms.

After extensive research and experimenting with some online options, Kevin stumbled upon Amazon. Amazon was leading the ecommerce industry which made him grab the chance . One month later he launched his first Amazon product that was just the beginning of building a web empire.
kevin david reviews comes out as a number one amazon seller and an expert in Entrepreneurship after years of experience and knowledge.

THATLifestyleNinja is quite just a corporation .. it’s a MOVEMENT that permits inspired entrepreneurs to measure by their own rules, be their own boss and make the life that they need always dreamed of living!

In 2017, Kevin was on a mission to make another path that might allow people to free themselves from 9-5 corporate slavery. Determined and driven by passion THATLifestyleNinja was born…

Less than 12 months later THATLifestyleNinja, has the most important Facebook community within the entire WORLD, with over 100k subscribers on YouTube! THATLifestyleNinja had received countless awards; including being honored as a ClickFunnel Two Comma member , for creating quite 1 Million Dollars with only one funnel!

Kevin has been featured on Forbes, Entrepreneur and Inc for his achievements. With thousands of student’s, his training courses still create new success stories every single day!

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