The biggest NBA 2K21 Next Generation Open is underway

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We have seen two impressive sideline reports from 2K, and this is our first in-depth understanding of the next-generation version of NBA 2K21. The focus is mainly on the gameplay mechanics and NBA 2K21 MT. I think this is the right approach.

However, the biggest moving details will be related to the modes, functions and any new ways of playing games introduced in the 2K universe. I have talked to 2K developers many times, and everyone said that the game will be completely different at every level.

I have asked for specific explanations on MyGM, MyLeague, MyCareer, Neighborhood and other models, and have been told time and again that the next generation is growing in every aspect.

Let every developer get his wish. This is what I am happy to do, because this team has always been honest with me and I have high expectations for all modes. So far, although the jury has not determined the execution method, I am impressed by the game concept presented. We really don’t know whether the principles discussed in the blog will be reflected in a virtual court.

In other words, every 2K fan should pay attention to The Neighbourhood's work. I don't believe this will be the name of the environment, although its function may be similar. 2K has repeatedly stated that they are promoting the concept of the next generation. When you connect it to the current MyCareer concept, a community seems too small to accommodate a community that seems to already exist, and traditionally it is an ambition A thriving team of developers has powerful new technologies.

I'm not sure if it will be called the "world" as simple or predictable, but if you are thinking globally, then Buy NBA 2K21 MT is correct. Although expansion in these areas is self-evident, I hope 2K will not ignore the expansion of other aspects of its games.

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