Madden 21: 5 reasons you should pay attention to the next version

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Are you worried about the next version of Madden 21? If not, you probably should be.

All things considered, it has been a difficult year to become a Madden fan. The franchise model is still undeveloped and did not change until November, and these are just the surface of the restoration of the Madden 21 Coins function.

The game has been vulnerable since its release, and each patch seems to break other features of the game. For brands, this is not the ideal environment to enter the next generation. As it is, when PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X are released or shortly after release, the next phase of Madden 21 will arrive.

If there is a problem that EA cannot provide the functional version of Madden 21 on the current system (although only some obvious changes have been made to the traditional structure), then do we expect to play this game on brand new hardware? Normally, this road is very early. Considering the similar situation we have seen in the PS4 and Xbox One X versions, it is wise to expect similar issues.

Some factors of COVID-19 have also increased the understandable problems caused by the development of a new console. The pandemic affects almost everything in the world, so game development is no exception. Any adjustments made in the development of next-generation games do not seem to have a direct or indirect impact on developers working from home.

As mentioned earlier, EA is still trying to resolve the bugs in the current version. At the same time, it is less than 60 days before the next-generation game is released. It seems reasonable to assume that the resources used to extinguish the current fires may divert attention to eliminate potential early problems related to the next generation of Madden.

It is not a problem to say that everything I said above is not a problem, and although the game is unlikely, it can be launched smoothly; at least from the point of view of critics, we still have the opportunity to see in the game that cannot withstand this scaling function Features.

Buy MUT 21 Coins is always the main selling point of new games, and many of the values ??associated with this are related to the faces of players. Well, we haven't seen it yet. All we saw was the return of Tom Brady and DeVante Adams. This makes me wonder if they are confident in their work in this important area-at least when it comes to the amazing factors.

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