Simple Guide to Earn POE Currency As a Beginner

Path of Exile challenges players by injecting unique twists into normal RPG elements. One of those twists is the lack of a money-based POE Currency system.


Path of Exile challenges players by injecting unique twists into normal RPG elements. One of those twists is the lack of a money-based POE Currency system. Players barter with each other by trading PoE orbs. While these orbs have a function as an item, they’re easy to collect and you’ll get many over the course of your journey through Wraeclast. They’re also used in transactions with NPCs and, as such, are the official currency of the game.

Chaos Orbs Recipe

The 2 Chaos Orbs recipe requires a full item set of a character which includes: Helmets, Body Armors, Gloves, Boots, Belts, Amulets and two Rings. The item level of each item has to be in between lvl 60-74. Any item level lower than 60 will not complete the recipe. If there are any item that are above lv 74, the result of the trade would be 2 Regal Orbs instead of 2 Chaos Orbs. Chaos Orbs are usually more valuable and needed in most Leagues.

This method is recommended when you are leveling, progressing and gearing up. It is not really recommended if you are high level and has good gears. It is better for you to grind higher tier maps for better loots. If you find yourself too weak and in need of better gears, this is a good way to do it. This can be done by any trading NPCs/Vendors.

Gemcutter’s Prism Recipe

This recipe is not as effective as the Chaos Orb ones but you can use your useless quality gems to get some Gemcutter’s Prism (GCPs). Keep an eye out, some quality gems might worth a few chaos, especially the ones above 15% quality. Meanwhile, some unused gems can be worth nothing so feel free to trade them for the Gemcutter’s Prism.

The recipe requires a total of 40% quality summed up from your quality gems. For example, you have a 20% Blink Arrow and 20% Abyssal Cry, that is a total of 40%. This can be done by any trading NPCs/Vendors.

Buy/Sell Items

Buying low price item and reselling them is something you can do. In my own personal opinion, I think it’s a waste of time unless you found some really low price but valuable items. By the time you used to trade/buy/sell, you might have an Exalted Orb drop by using that time to farm maps instead. Who knows? The drops are RNG.

Jeweller’s Orb Recipe

Selling a fully 6-socketed item to a vendor gives you a total of 7 Jeweller’s Orb. 6-socketed can be found only from lv 50 or higher item levels. Bows, Two-Handed weapons and Body Armors can be 6-socketed. They can be found commonly in maps, keep an eye out for them.

Chromatic Orb Recipe

Like most currency items, Chromatic Orbs can be dropped by slain monsters, chests, and destructible containers.

Chromatic Orbs can also be obtained by vendoring an item with one socket of each colour (red, green, blue) linked together. This is one of the most common ways to obtain Chromatic Orbs. In particular this means you can get some Chromatic Orbs cheaply (typically for about one Orb of Transmutation each, or less) by buying such linked items from the Vendors.

Divine Orb Recipe

Divine Orb is quite a valuable currency in the game. It costs several Chaos Orbs depending on the league/season and market price. The recipe of a Divine Orb is to sell a fully six-linked item to a vendor or NPC.

It is only worth to do so only if that particular body armor is corrupted and has bad stats or gem slot colors. Weapons are usually not worth to keep especially if it’s a corrupted with bad DPS.

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