Important Ways For Your ESA Birthday

Honestly speaking, cats and dogs are more than just pets and emotional support animals. They offer their hundred percent and before we even know, they are important members of our family


Need to get an emotional support animal registration? Well! Birthdays are special events and you celebrate each family members birthday, right? Why not celebrate Coco’s birthday also! Honestly speaking, cats and dogs are more than just pets and emotional support animals. They offer their hundred percent and before we even know, they are important members of our family.

The following ways will help you make Coco’s birthday party a blast.


1. Get a Special Birthday Present

While you do not have to wait for any special event to give presents to your ESA letter dog, its birthday is really special and you should get an equally special present for it. Every dog loves soft balls that it could chew on. Get soft stuffed balls and toys and put it into Coco’s house.

Besides balls, you can also choose other soft toys like squirrels and soft frisbees.


2. Decorate the Hall

We decorate the hall on birthdays, right? But this time, make a different theme. We know that Coco is like one of your family members. And you have already availed its ESA letter for housing. Why not make him feel special by decorating the hall according to his taste? Search online for doggy themed party decor ideas and we are sure that you will find loads of it.

Besides, you can also make a bone shaped banner to write the party instructions.


3. Make and Serve Doggy Ice Cream

Ice cream for Coco? This is something that you must stay away from no matter what, right? Its OK, we are not saying that you service the traditional milk and cream ice cream, we are saying that you should make some especially for Coco and his friends.

Blend some bananas with some peanut butter and clean yogurt or just freeze some chicken or beef broth into a popsicle. Easy and simple!


4. Get a Doggy Friendly Cake

Believe it or not, since more people are getting their emotional support dogs, there's a change you might get a fake ESA letter. so you should see the free ESA letter sample before applying for it. Where, there are places that could make a dog-friendly birthday cake for Coco. if you want to make it yourself, just gather some everyday things like wheat flour, eggs, applesauce, baby food and shredded veggies. Mix them all and bake a happy treat for your dog.



5. Sew some Special Party Wear

No birthday party is complete without some special birthday attire. Sew some cute birthday party hat for Coco. what if he does not like it for more than a few seconds? Make a cute bandana with non-toxic fabric glue or stitch it with elastic.


6. Invite the Friends

Did you invite Coco’s friends to the party? Invite them to a fun-filled day of running around and eating all day long. Make proper arrangements and have plenty of water plus some healthy and dog-friendly snacks for the entire doggy squad.

However, before offering anything, ask the pet parents if they are OK with it and if any of the dogs have any allergies. Some great doggy party treats are dog treats, frozen bananas and some veggies that are good for them.


7. Prepare Snacks for Pet Parents also

After all they are also the party guests! Besides looking after your canine guests, think about your human guests also. Prepare some snacks for them to munch on while they watch their doggy kids enjoying and playing around. Some great ideas include chicken wings, devilled eggs, roasted veggies and some drinks. However, in any case, if you don't know how to get an esa letter online, you can always visit real ESA letter website


8. A Photo Booth, Anyone?

Prepare some props beforehand to use them in the photos. Invite the pet parents and all of Coco’s squad to have a memorable ‘clicking’ session. Encourage the guests in clicking the photos and uploading them on their Facebook pages with a custom party hashtag.

This way, you will have all the memories in one place and everyone could enjoy it.


9. Arrange some Games

Everyone loves to play games! Arrange some safe games for your ‘pawty’ guests. Place some stuffed toys and doggy treats and use commands to keep the dog squad under control as well as having an enjoyable play session. Games like fetch and hide and seek will be best to keep your guests engaged and happy.


10. Prepare Return Gifts for your Guests

How about preparing some goody bags for your guests? Put some toys and doggy treats into the bags and some for the human guests also. Other than treats, you can also add a party souvenir like a bandana as a memory.

Dogs could light up even the most gloomy of the days but to get an emotional support animal you must get a genuine ESA letter. But, before getting the letter, check a free emotional support animal letter sample to see what you will get.


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