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The main content of the Path of Exile: Heist is that the player needs to complete the heist. Before that, the player needs to hire thieves in the rogue port, and the player can start the heist after obtaining the contract and the necessary number of marks. The player can bring the materials to Wayfinder in Rogue Harbor Try and complete the heist. As we have already said, the purpose of each robbery is to transfer it to the main storeroom and steal the special artifacts saved there, but players can also choose to loot POE Currency and other items from the special storeroom. However, doing so will pay a certain price, and will sound an alarm when greedy players try to squeeze their pockets further. Wilson showed us an example that illustrates what happens when the player reaches the upper alarm limit, and the alarm can move south quickly. As soon as the alarm sounds, dozens of enemies will flood into the area to cut off the player's escape route. If the player is unable to release it, then they will lose any loot they picked up during the robbery-and will leave a heavy blow to the defeat for the failed hunt.

One thing Wilson seemed to want to show off most was the inclusion of the blueprint for "The Heist". These special blueprints work very similarly to contracts, but they contain much larger work details than normal robberies. The blueprint will require players to gather intelligence to plan their route in the area. By spending tokens, players will be able to reveal parts of the blueprint, such as escape routes or special treasure rooms. Most importantly, players can also hire multiple gangsters instead of the normal heist scenes provided in Path of Exile: Heist.

Each Grand Heist has multiple wings to explore its own unique items and the warning levels that players must manage. Players are forced to decide which thief is more suitable for Wings of heist, because each wing has its own unique challenges.

Wilson said the most interesting aspect of all this is that it adds some brand new mechanics to the path of exile. Generally, players do not have to worry about the room layout and invisibility for the battle and tactical planning in the "Path of Exile". Path of Exile: The heist completely reversed those ideas. Heist forces players to think more strategically about the environment when planning the entry and exit points of the area. Players must also decide whether they are willing to fight a group of enemies or sneak past them to prevent the alarm. Although many rascals familiar with desktop RPG settings will have at least some experience to learn from, this level of strategic thinking will be a brand new concept for many "Path of Exile" players.

Many of the classic spells of Path of Exile have been reworked and rebalanced for new updates, and four brand new spells have been added. We showed us two of these new spells and how they work in the game. The wall of flame predictably forms a wall of flame in front of the player. Players can Buy Exalted Orb to set up a barrier between themselves and the enemy, and even launch projectiles through the wall, which will catch fire and cause additional damage. Another new spell is the Void Sphere, which creates a black hole that can slow the enemy and pull it to the center, which is especially useful for overwhelming odds.

The last thing Wilson revealed to us is that Path of Exile is now coming to Mac. The new Mac version of the game is exactly the same as the PC version, and this version will be fully integrated into the PC server. The Mac version of the game will be released at the same time as Path of Exile: Heist. This game update contains a lot of content, so Path of Exile players on each platform should have enough energy to keep themselves busy.

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