Writing Academic Essays on Topics of Your Choice

You should ask critical questions about the topic


The more you write essays, the more you realize the ease which the essay prompt provides to the readers. Novice writers tend to jump into these prompt-less essays, choosing a topic with little to no regard; you won't hear them asking, “help me  write my essay for me ,” as they would have in the normal prompt-driven essays.

Little do they know that when you are tasked with writing an essay on a topic of your choosing, the task is increased manifolds. For now, the instructor expects more output from your writing than the normal prompt driven essay. Moreover, you will be judged on your choice of topic as well.

Here is a step by step guideline for crafting such an essay.



● Choosing a subject

The subject should allow you the ease of research and allow you to present your opinions. Choose a subject that interests you but make sure that it can be covered within the  write my essay  parameters of the word limit, due date, style, and also the intended audience.


● Narrowing it down to a topic through cursory research

Once the subject is carefully selected you will proceed to narrow the topic down by researching the subject. Specialized encyclopedias are a great source of background information that is suited to academic essays.

You should ask critical questions about the topic. Make sure you find out the ideas and the theories involved and how they came to be about, as well as the importance of the topic and what makes it important.


● Specifying a thesis

The thesis statement will be the center of your essay covered by  custom essay writer . A potent thesis statement explicitly states the main argument of the idea that is presented or supported in the essay. Try not to make the statement a generalized one or one that is too specific.

It should have a controlling idea that will not help you pin down your thesis but will also give you an area to research on.


● Brainstorming what you know

Brainstorm using the information that you got through your background research and also the ideas that you come up with. While it's good to use a method that you are familiar with, it is beneficial to mix it with a long span method such as journaling.


● Researching the broad ideas

Read into academic papers and get to know the organizational structure of the topics discussing your topic. Try to skim and scan through papers and articles to set aside the relevant ones and make note of the information that specifies the main topics and ideas.


● Make a broad outline of your essay

Using the information makes a broad outline of the essay that doesn't include specific information such as evidence, analysis, and counters.


● Research and make specific notes

Research into the material that you have set aside, in addition to that which you have searched through databases. This time around make specific notes of the opinions, analysis, evidence, and their references.


● Expand the outline and prepare the draft

Put in the information with the heading attached and fill in the gaps of the essay outline. Your first draft is then prepared.


● Edit and peer review

Through various iterations, you will add and remove information and analysis from the draft, while perfecting the coherence, unity, and rhetoric of the  paper writing service online . Both paragraph level and sentence level editing will occur here.


● Proofread

You should proofread for grammar, punctuation, and spelling errors at the end either through a peer or professional or on your own. You can also use various online services to proofread the essay for you.




'Basic Tips To Earn an A on Your Essay'

Want to get an A on your essay? We can help you.

Below, we have added a 10-point checklist that will help you write an A quality essay:

  • Make your essays outline
  • Research the main topic carefully
  • Note down relevant information and data
  • Divide the facts into the essay sections
  • Add relevant and important references
  • Follow the given paper format and guidelines
  • Write the essay carefully
  • Add all the citation in the list of references
  • Revise it once it is done
  • Submit it before or on the due deadline

Bonus Point:  Hand over your essay to a reputed essay writing service.

Professional essay writing services are reliable and they know how to do your work in a better manner and on time.

Order now and get your A worthy essay before the due deadline.


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