A series of improvements to the Madden 21 franchise model are underway

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According to the official Gridiron Notes blog post, EA has listened to the feedback and will start to improve the Madden 21 franchise model from November this year. Now that Madden 21 has been released, of course, you may need to spend a certain amount of Madden 21 Coins at the beginning of the game, which will also bring you benefits. But after being proficient, you can achieve results with your own skills.

The first of the three major updates to the franchise model took place in mid-November and will address community requirements such as:

 X factor/superstar ability customization-this will allow the commissioner to assign X factor to any player through the edit player function. Once the player meets the criteria for unlocking the X-factor ability, the commissioner can edit his Superstar ability and Superstar X-factor ability by selecting the available ability from the player's location group. Players can control it in offline and online franchise.

 Player Card Profession Statistics UI-The statistics of the player card will be modified to include more background information in the season statistics (such as week, opponent and result), and also provide the ball that the player has played in each year of his career team. This is "the highest requirement for the community over the years".
 Development Trait Regression Adjustment-EA will adjust the development characteristics of players in a franchise model to ensure the proper balance between superstars and X-factor players when they progress for several years.

 Playoff bracket-Madden 21 will add a visual playoff bracket to reflect the new wildcard format-this will allow players to see the complete playoff picture.

While the EA team is currently working to adjust and implement these features, the company noticed that the list may change, and after determining the relevant date, it will share more information on the specific release date. In addition, if players want to get cheap and easy-to-use MUT 21 Coins, my suggestion is to buy them directly from GameMS, because it saves time and energy.

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