NBA 2K21: Everything is a game

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NBA 2K21 is the latest champion in the world-famous and best-selling NBA 2K series. By completing challenges in the game, harvesting NBA 2K21 MT and forming a powerful dream team. With its first-class gameplay, competitive and community online features, as well as colorful game modes, exciting improvements, NBA 2K21 provides a unique way to immerse yourself in all aspects of NBA basketball and basketball culture-everything is in the game .

Learn more about MyTEAM mode, MyCAREER mode, and some exciting new updates with new looks. Looking forward to meeting you in NBA 2K21!

MyTEAM console remains
For those of you who started the NBA 2K21 MyTEAM experience with the Xbox One version released on September 4, once you start playing the Xbox Series X version, your entire collection and progress will continue. This means that you will have access to all the progress of the cards, domination, triple threat, etc. that have been withdrawn and obtained, as well as the entire balance of VC, MyTEAM points and tokens. It's all there! In fact, you can even play both versions back and forth at will.

The new MyTEAM season
One of the best things about MyTEAM is that the model is always evolving, whether through new cards that change metadata or offering exciting rewards. In NBA 2K21, the Seasons concept is introduced into MyTEAM. The season is free for everyone, without any paid content.

For the 2K21 MyTEAM Season design, there are two main principles: there are new price updates in most modes of each Season, and some new content has been added to each Season mode. In order to avoid breaking any plan, we will be deliberately vague here, please be patient. Some Seasons will add new game content for you, while other Seasons may add new features to the game, or add rewards that you will chase the entire Season.

New features of MyTEAM
It is not easy to adapt to all the new aspects injected into MyTEAM this year, but here are some other features worth looking forward to. MyTEAM Limited is a new feature of NBA 2K21. It is a limited-time game mode, available every Friday to Sunday, with new rules every weekend! Find and collect championship rings every weekend of the season to get a powerful card that will make you envy all your opponents!

New Evolution Card
The evolution card is back, better than ever! New to NBA 2K21, you will now have better control over the way certain Evolution Cards develop when stacked. Will you improve Shaq's rebounding ability or blocking ability? this is your choice!

My career
This year’s MyCAREER story will take you on a personal movie basketball journey to reach your final destination: the National Basketball Association. Build your customized MyPLAYER, take him to the top of the star, and give yourself a name in the global basketball world. To make the journey more realistic, your MyPLAYER will be promoted from high school to one of the 10 officially licensed university courses, such as UCLA, Michigan State University and UCONN. The better you play in college, the better your performance in the NBA. However, just completing the draft does not mean the end of the journey. Push MyPLAYER to the top through big moves on the court, even bigger moves.

A brand new community
Welcome to 2K Beach. This beautiful new neighborhood setting brings your game to the beach, and basketball culture comes to life in every corner. Participate in fans' favorite games such as 3v3 streetball matches with your staff, or participate in a bigger bet in 5v5 ProAm games. Upgrade MyPLAYER at your local training institution or Buy NBA 2K21 MT, and use the latest sneakers and clothing to show off dripping water.

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