The ratings of NBA 2K21 players will not be adjusted before PS5

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NBA 2K21 was released on PlayStation 4 on September 4. Historically, the franchise was released before the start of the new season, but the coronavirus has messed up the sport’s schedule. For those who started the NBA 2K21 MyTEAM experience through the release of PS4 / Xbox One on September 4, once you start playing the next generation version of the game, your entire collection and progress will continue. This means that you will have access to all the 2K21 MT, domination, triple threat, and other developments that have been extracted and acquired.

The new title will be used at the beginning of the release based on the NBA 2K20 rating to allow enough time to end the season. Then, before the game's next-generation game release on PlayStation 5, player ratings will be adjusted, and these changes will be set to be implemented in both versions of the game.

The press release said: "This year, NBA 2K will release NBA 2K21 for the next generation of consoles after the 2019-20 season, and update player ratings to ensure that the ratings reflect the player's performance this season. At that time, all updated NBA players The scoring will be implemented on NBA 2K21 for current and next-generation consoles."

In a sense, this may be effective for 2K sports. It has entered PS2's NBA 2K21 promotion cycle, and the retail price of the next-generation game console is $10 higher than the current similar products. For players, Buy 2K21 MT allows players to get high score athletes as soon as possible.

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