What Type of Insurance Coverage You Can take for Private Hire Vehicle?

Private Hire taxi insurance in London is one of the most important factors when it comes to protecting your business.


Many people do not think about it, but if you own your own private car hire company in London, you will need to find suitable taxi insurance.

A dedicated taxi fleet company with a large amount of expertise and knowledge will be able to provide you with a comprehensive private hire insurance package.

Benefits of Private Hire Taxi Insurance:

Private Hire Taxi Insurance provides you with competitive private hire taxi rates with low annual premiums. You can choose the level of cover that best suits your needs and finances. You also have the freedom to take a policy that suits your requirements as an individual or as part of a fleet.

Consider the Requirements:

Insurance packages for different types of vehicles are designed to meet the needs of different types of Private Hire Insurance London companies. When choosing a suitable private hire taxi insurance policy for your private hire taxi company, you need to consider the different requirements that need to be met. It is worth asking your employees which type of cover they require, as you could be surprised to hear that your employees want the same insurance that you do.

Protects you in Incidents:

Private Hired Taxicab insurance London covers you, your company, and your passengers. It is designed to protect you, your company, and your passengers in the case of a car breakdown, theft, and any other incidents. It is designed so that all expenses relating to your injury claim are covered, including medical bills, any other losses incurred, and legal costs. Your passengers will also receive compensation if you are at fault in an accident.

Able to Cover Injury:

Private hire taxi insurance provides cover for vehicles as well as passengers. Most policies cover for bodily injuries that occur in a vehicle, but the majority of private hire vehicle insurance London policies will cover for personal injury claims as well.

Property Damage Coverage:

Private Hire insurance also provides cover for property damage from theft and damage from fire and vandalism. Many policies will also provide coverage for any third-party claims for personal injury and property damage and third party claims for your vehicle. In addition to this, it will provide cover against third party claims for any damage caused by theft, as well as damage caused to your vehicle by fire.

Comprehensive Insurance Policy:

The type of insurance for private hire in London that will be best for your private hire vehicle will depend on what you require. If you are an established company with staff who regularly travels to different places in your service area, then you will be better protected by a comprehensive private hire insurance policy in London than a general taxi insurance policy. However, if you are a small local company with one to three drivers who only travel within the London area, then a basic taxi insurance policy will probably be adequate.

Driver Insurance:

Private taxi insurance covers the drivers who drive your vehicles. Therefore, if you wish to provide additional cover for your drivers, you should consider Private Hire Insurance London services. This will enable you to insure their car, as well as the car they are using when they are driving.

Third-Party Only Cover:

A good type of taxi insurance policy to consider purchasing is a Comprehensive or Third Party Only cover, which will only cover damage to the cab if you or the driver is at fault. Although Third Party cover is less expensive than comprehensive, it does protect your clients. This type of private hire insurance policy will not cover you and your passengers for any third party claims against you.

Fleet or Multiple Insurance Policy:

If you own a fleet of private hire vehicles and want to add your fleet to your Private Hire insurance policy in London, you may wish to consider purchasing a fleet or multiple insurance policies. It is a good idea to purchase two separate policies in London, in case one policy becomes unsuitable because you need to cover more than one vehicle at a time.

Do Research and Find Best One:

When you choose a taxi or private hire insurance policy, you should look at the features that are available in the insurance policies that you are considering. Do some research and compare the benefits of the different options that are available to you. You should compare the cost of the insurance policies, as well as how they protect you and your passengers in the event of an accident. You can contact Cubit-Insurance to get the best insurance coverage for your private hire vehicle.

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