Ways to Earn Fallout 76 Caps 2020

Occasionally you may have bumped into a stash containing a whole host of Fallout 76 Caps


Sometimes you may come across a hiding place with a lot of hats. Well, it turns out that they are generated in a fixed location between servers, which means you can plan a route and compress it to each route, move the server and repeat the process.

Please make sure you give a watch to the video of the French Tomahawk, because it details the wonderful route of hat cap breeding, which will bring you ridiculous income in an hour.

Farm Cap Stashes

Occasionally you may have bumped into a stash containing a whole host of Fallout 76 Caps . Well, turns out they spawn in fixed locations across servers, which means you can plan a route and zip on over to each one, move server and repeat the process.

Make sure you give this video by French Tomahawk a watch, as it details a fantastic route for cap stash farming which’ll net you a ludicrous amount in only an hour.

Kill the Super Mutant

Any super mutated fortress or town is a great choice for quick earning caps. Super mutants always put caps on them, so eliminating a bunch of them can really fill your pocket.

The production rate of super mutation fortress is high, and the legendary enemy can make you obtain powerful spoils. After clearing the area, skip to another server and repeat the process. After several operations, you will get a lot of ammunition, ammunition and more ammunition.

There is a town of super mutants east of McClintock camp, and another attraction is the prison in the East.

Selling the Mothman's Eggs

The first way allows you to earn 200 caps for each day in the real world. This number is due to the fact, that merchants in Fallout 76 own 200 caps which restores every 24 hours. Of course, you can visit all of the merchants in the game but in this method, you'll be using a merchant only from Flatwoods.

To do it, you have to go to the Mothman Museum - this place is located near the Vault 76 and Flatwoods. It's worth setting up a camp in the area of Flatwoods to teleport there and visit the merchant.

The method is to collect Mothman Eggs - they're shown in the picture above. They're scattered throughout the area but you'll find the biggest clusters of it by the river near the bridge or next to the statue of mutated moth. Collect all of the eggs and then restart the game to restore them - now you can collect them again.

How can you get caps that way? Collected eggs are worth a lot of money. You can sell one egg for 2 caps, and in the places mentioned above, you'll find about 20 eggs each time you log in.

You can earn even more if you cook Mothman Egg Omelette at the cooking station - you'll get 5 caps for one omelet. To prepare it you'll need one egg and one wood piece - you can use the wood collected thanks to our guide How to get wood?

Collecting 40 eggs and creating 40 omelets should be enough - sell them to the merchant. It won't take you that long if you build a camp next to Flatwoods. To get 40 eggs, you need to log out and log in while staying in the museum. Then, teleport to the camp you've built next to Flatwoods for free, go to a nearby cooking station and create 40 omelets. Lastly, go to the merchant in the white church and sell everything you have cooked. It will take you about 10 minutes to make 200 caps - provided that you've discovered the Mothman Museum.

Please Keep Farming Caps!

A lot of players would think that go without saying, but anyway we will still say it: the best way to get bottle caps fast is not by using some of the methods above, but by using all of them. You must keep on the lookout for bottle caps everywhere, be it in abandoned buildings, trash cans, enemy corpses, or any other deceptively hidden locations. Participate in various quests, avoid spending uselessly, and once seize the opportunity, please upgrade the Caps Collector perk as soon as possible. Only by putting all of these guides into practice, players in Fallout 76 will have the greatest chance of becoming one of the wealthiest people in Appalachia. And after that, the only question that remains is the question of what to spend those bottle caps on. And for that question I believe, no player would say I have plenty of bottle caps but I do not know how to use it, right? So from now on, please gather your Fallout 76 bottle caps as many as possible to fulfill your higher living standard in the game of Fallout 76.

To maximise efficiency, try your best to complete missions based on location so you can quickly flit from one to the other without much travel, or even complete two at the same time! You also can find a safe fallout 76 caps shop to Buy Fallout 76 Caps , save more time to enjoy the game, here i recommend you go to https://www.igvault.com/Fallout-76-Bottle-Caps

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